Courses offered

Tura Polytechnic offers diploma courses in Computer Application, Medical Electronics and Food Processing & Preservation. All Diploma curricula in Computer Application, Medical Electronics and Food Processing & Preservation have been revised and updated. The courses of study under the Diploma Programme will include theory, workshop, practical, tutorial, project work, Industrial visit, Seminar etc. All courses (subjects) are categorized in six groups i.e. (1) Foundation course (2) Hard Core Courses (3) Soft Core Courses (4) Basic Technology Courses (5) Applied Technology Courses (6) Elective Courses.

Each academic year is divided into two Semester, Odd Semester and Even Semester each of six months duration. A student will have to register at the beginning of each semester at the Polytechnic for the subject he/she would like to study in a term. The Guidance and counseling unit of the Institute will advise the student in deciding about the courses (subject) of his/her choice, pace of learning and limit for registration of courses. The Institute authorities would provide the list of courses to be offered in Odd and Even semester of an academic year at the commencement of each academic year.